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Congress Belgrade? Without a doubt!
By DMC Belgrade


Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is a warm and welcoming city that is continuously progressing and changing. Today it is Europe’s fastest growing meeting destination. Its successful congress story is based on its ever-improving infrastructure, economic potential, a lively social life, rich culture, and of course its strategic geographical location.


Located in South Eastern Europe, in the Adriatic region (or The Balkans, as we also call it), it is reachable by airplane directly from all major cities in Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Congress? Belgrade. Work hard, party hard. This could be a new motto of Belgrade as a destination for events, meetings and congress. Belgrade already has many high-class hotels with exceptional conference facilities like Sava Center, Holiday Inn, Metropol, Radisson Blu, Hyatt… and there are many more others like Intercontinental, Kempinski, Royal Plaza… that have already started with constructions or investment plans and there are or soon will be many suitable venues for your next congress.


Belgrade is a rough congress diamond and many have already realized what an enormous development potential it has.


The city will not only surprise you as a congress destination, but its positive vibrations, attractive pedestrianized centre and lively riverbanks also make it a charming and dynamic tourist destination. Though it is an old city, it has a very modern vibe. It is buzzing with tradition, innovation, and creative energy. There is also always lots of great local food everywhere, and there are tons of underground venues and happenings. Many say that Belgrade is now like Berlin used to be during its heyday. Also, people are very friendly, they will always be ready to strike up a conversation.


Actually, London Times named Belgrade Europe’s new capital of cool and Lonely Planet called Serbia one of the Europe’s Top Ten Hot Spots. Be a part of this new cool and use Belgrade to organize your next big event or congress.


Belgrade has always been a crossroad of civilizations between the urban west and the spicy east. It was founded thousands of years ago and since then raised from the ashes 38 times all together, and invaded by 40 armies. But despite many obstacles and tumultuous history today Belgrade is a city of the future due to its world events, world-class nightlife, quality of life, remarkable cuisine and the potential for further growth.


If you want to organize a memorable incentive, event, meeting or congress, Belgrade is without a doubt the place to do it. You will have a hell of a lot of fun here and compared to other European capitals, Belgrade offers you incredible value for money.


Liberty Adriatic DMC, your professional DMC for Belgrade and the whole Serbia


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