Croatia escorted tours

Croatia escorted tours – The Best Escorted Tours in Croatia

Croatia is a big country, nearly 57,000 sq kms to be exact. That’s quite a lot of land to cover if you want to do it yourself. Add to that the rest of the Balkans and you really can be lost for what to see and do, and how best to get around. While Croatia’s shining tourism hotspot is its fabulously long coastline and plethora of islands, the mountainous interior is equally alluring and can often be overshadowed by the sparkling blue Adriatic Coast. So if you are thinking of a trip to Croatia, escorted tours could well be the best option.

If you are planning an incentive trip to reward your hardworking employees then you’ll also want to take all the stress out of travelling for them. We at Liberty Adriatic are experts at organizing incentive trips, and we have a number of fully customizable escorted tours, or can even make a totally unique itinerary. We can take you anywhere in Croatia. Escorted tours are one of our specialities.


Described as the Pearl of the Adriatic by George Bernard Shaw, Dubrovnik is without doubt one of the most popular places to see in Croatia. Escorted tours are in abundance here, and it also makes a great starting point for our Croatia Discover Tour. Sitting proudly on a promontory jutting out into the sparkling blue sea, Dubrovnik has attracted traders and seafarers for centuries and each has left behind their own indelible mark on the most famous city in Croatia. Escorted tours will ensure you are guided to the best sights, booked in the best hotels, eat the best food and enjoy the most fun activities. We can even take you out to the nearby Elaphiti Islands, a stunning little chain of lush green islands with white rocky outcrops contrasting with the deep blue sea. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and watch your stress drift away.

Plitvice Lakes

You don’t only have to visit the coast for beautiful immense bodies of water. Our Croatia escorted tours will take you to the fabulous Plitvice Lakes, located further inland in the northeast of the country. In 1979 this area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tucked away in an ancient forest and sprawling across 296 sq kms of dense woodland, there are 16 main lakes with some other smaller lakes all divided into upper and lower sections. The final lake runs off into the Korana River in spectacular fashion via numerous waterfalls.

Declared a national park as early as 1949, it remains one of the oldest, largest and most popular in Croatia. Escorted tours of this region will ensure you always get a ticket because it’s so popular at certain times of the year that tickets sell out. Visitor numbers are restricted, but we will ensure all tickets are purchased well in advance.

Krka National Park

In the foothills of the Dinara Mountains, springs the Krka River. It’s the 22nd longest in Croatia. Escorted tours will take you to the most beautiful parts of this magnificent river, which have been made into a national park. With waterfalls, rapids and canyons in abundance, navigating this amazing world of water can be difficult even with the best planning. We know the best guides, and the best places to see.


At the Krka estuary, the river has formed a beautiful bay where the oldest town on the Croatian Adriatic lies. This amazing town is also home to two UNESCO protected monuments: Saint Nicholas Fortress and the Cathedral of Saint James. But within its beautifully preserved old town you’ll find so much more.

Let us take you on one of our Croatia escorted tours

And this is just a tiny drop in the water (excuse the pun). If you are planning an incentive in Croatia, escorted tours can not only be the easiest way to get around, but can show you places you would probably never think of.


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