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Adriatic region, or the Balkans as people also like to call it

It lies by the Adriatic Sea and is a grand combination of castles and historic towns with romantic squares, never-ending sea and wondrous landscapes. If you compare the region to other European countries, it is the diversity that will blow you away. Capitals are not big, but they are safer, cuter and easier to explore. We have very few restaurants with Michelin stars, but the dining experience is something that amazes everybody, and it’s affordable to eat outstanding food from world known chefs every day. The sea is clean, pleasantly warm and it has more than 1,200 spectacular islands. One might say that it is easy to experience wonderful nature everywhere in the world, but nowhere else in Europe one can find so many unique and diverse places in such short period of time. Here you can get active with countless outdoor pursuits, immerse yourself in urban centres, and connect with village life, all in one day.

5 reasons to visit Adriatic

  • Diversity that will blow you away
  • Stunningly beautiful nature, easily and quickly accessible
  • Impressive and safe capitals with rich historical heritage
  • Excellent wine and gastronomy for very rational rates
  • Most friendly, warm and hospitable people in Europe

Our destinations

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