October 19, 2017

Incentive travel Belgrade

Serbia is a unique country that gave birth to many sports champions. “For one, to achieve his dreams, he needs to truly believe in them.” said Novak Djokovic once. Serbian athletes are known for their patriotic love towards the country, perseverance, stamina and most of all their unbreakable spirit.
They are a force in basketball and water polo, they are good in handball and volleyball, Djokovic was the number 1 tennis player in the world, they produce great football players for top clubs,…
Since sportsmanship had always played an important part in Serbia we recommend for your incentive in Belgrade to be a bit sport oriented. We can start a day with basketball and Vlade Divac, a Serbian professional basketball executive, former NBA player and one of the 50 Greatest Euro League Contributors. A social responsible activity linked to basketball will bring smiles on the faces of local people.
We can continue the day with lunch at the Tennis center Djokovic, where we also visit his gallery with trophies and play funny kind of tennis, to have some joy.
We conclude the day in a pleasant restaurant with tennis atmosphere.


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