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10 great things to do on your Lake Bled holidays

Lake Bled is a magical place, with its Church of the Assumption of Mary sitting proudly on a small island in the middle of the lake, and medieval castle perched atop a sheer cliff beside the lake. All of this is backed by the beautiful Karavanke Alps, which form the border between Slovenia and Austria. It’s no wonder that this little region in the north of Slovenia is one of its most popular travel destinations. However, there is more to this little lake that may first meet the eye. Plenty of sights and activities await, should you decide to stay longer at Lake Bled. Holidays often seem too short to get much done, but you’ll be surprised how much you could fit in.

So here are ten great things to do on your Lake Bled holidays.

1: Visit the island church

Of course this is the number one activity at Lake Bled. Holidays here wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this beautiful fairytale-like island church. The church can be visited by either renting a small rowing boat and rowing yourself out, or hiring one of the many Pletnars to row you out on their traditional Pletna boat (a specially hand-crafted wooden boat, unique to Lake Bled).

2: Ring with wishing bell

Once you have climbed the 99 steps to the church, you can enter and ring the church bell. Legend says that a young widow, who lived at Bled Castle, sent a bell to the church in memory of her husband. However, during the voyage across the boat was hit by a storm and the bell sank into the depths of the lake. The widow then walked barefoot to Rome, and the pope sent another bell; blessing it beforehand and granting anyone who rings it three times, one wish.

3: Visit the clifftop castle

The medieval castle, seemingly standing guard over Lake Bled, is even more fascinating inside, and provides one of the loveliest viewpoints from its restaurant terrace. It sits on a 130m-high clifftop and as well as the terrace restaurant there is a museum, printing works, wine cellar and much more to see. Be sure to make this a feature on your Lake Bled Holidays.

4: Stand up paddleboard (SUP)

Like everywhere around the world, the SUP phenomenon has also hit Lake Bled. Holidays by the water are not complete without renting a Standup Paddleboard and heading out across the water. It’s the perfect, most leisurely way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and also get yourself out to the island.

5: Glamping

For many visitors to Lake Bled, holidays in the nature are what they are searching for. If you prefer a bit of luxury to go along with it, Glamorous Camping (Glamping) is the best choice for your accommodation. There are several options for Glamping around Lake Bled.

6: Hiking

There are numerous hiking trails in and around the vicinity of Lake Bled. Holidays in Slovenia are perfect for this kind of activity, and you’ll find no end of great hiking trails all across the country. Two great lakeside options are the hike to Ojstrica viewpoint (20 mins) or Mala Osojnica (40 mins). Both provide amazing views.

7: Summer tobogganing at Straza

On Straza hill just beside the lake is a summer tobogganing rail that whisks you down a 520m track at up to 40km/h; a fun adrenaline ride in the summer. This hill is also a ski slope in winter.

8: Bled cream slice

There are plenty of great places to eat around Lake Bled, and plenty of delectable delights. But probably the most famous, and an absolute must when on your Lake Bled holidays, is the local speciality, a delicious custard cream slice known as Kremsnita.

9: Visit Vintgar Gorge

A little outside of Lake Bled lies the 1.6km-long Vintgar Gorge, a stunning place where this section of the Radovna River has carved out a sheer section between the Hom and Borst hills. Here the walkway will take you along a series of rapids descending into cool green pools and ultimately ending at the Sum waterfall.

10: Walk around the lake

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