Basic information

  • Population: 2,877,000
  • Position: Albania is positioned in the South-Western part of the Balkan peninsula
  • Area: 28,748 km2
  • Government: Albania is a Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
  • Capital city: Tirana, population: 800,986
  • Membership of international organisations: WTO, NATO, United Nations, the Council of Europe, World Bank, the OSCE and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
  • Official language: Albanian


  • Religion: The majority of the population adhere to Islam
  • Currency: Lek (ALL)
  • Climate: Mediterranean and Continental
  • Time: Central European Time (UTC + 1), Central European Summer Time (UTC + 2)
  • Average daily temperatures in Tirana: July 29°C, January 11°C
  • Neighbouring countries: Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Greece
  • Length of coastline: 427 km
  • Highest peak: Korab, 2,764 m

Why Albania?

Albania is like a living time capsule. Raised on a diet of separation and hardship, it is distinctly Albanian. It needed almost three decades just to catch up with other countries of Eastern Europe, but due to this very isolation today Albania offers a remarkable array of unique attractions. It will impress you with a thriving capital, abundant natural beauty, many archaeological sites, villages where time seems to have stood still, stunning mountain scenery and beaches to rival any elsewhere in this part of Europe.


And as if this wasn’t good enough, Albania is as well a sincerely hospitable and warm country, safe enough to explore it also on your own.


countless fortresses & castles
good nightlife


cultural mixing pot
cheap, safe and tolerant

12 reasons to visit!

Not many countries can offer such a wide variety of amazing possibilities like the Balkan countries can. Here below we have put together twelve reasons why you should visit Albania. These are top things to know about this surprising country of mixed civilizations, but they are not the only reasons why we find Albania so special. There are of course many many more. So drop everything and come and see it for yourself.

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  • unique and exciting culture
  • phenomenal weather
  • Tirana, a colourful capital, rough at the edges, but at the same time overwhelming and relaxing, friendly and chaotic, familiar yet adventurous
  • hospitable, kind and helpful locals
  • vibrant city life
  • still unspoiled by globalization
  • relaxing outdoor cafe culture
  • stunning sandy beaches and mountain ranges
  • Shkoder, one of the most historic places in Albania
  • the ancient city of Butrint
  • breath-taking Berat and Gjirokastra
  • cheap, safe and tolerant

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Did you know?

  • that many Albanians live outside of Albania, more than within the country?
  • that Albania boasts 30% of all flora in Europe (it has more than 3,250 species of plants)?
  • that in Albania nodding your head means no and shaking it means yes?
  • that Albanians don’t call Albania by this name, but they call it Shqiperi, which means Land of the Eagles?
  • that Albania is one of the most ethnically homogeneous countries in the world?
  • that more than a third of Albania is forest?
  • that despite the fact that Albania is one of the poorest countries in the world, the literacy rate is more than 98%, which is more than in Italy or Spain?
  • that Albania is one of the most ethnically homogeneous countries in the world?
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We love what we do and this is why our clients enjoy working with us!

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