Basic information

  • Population: 7,042,000
  • Position: Centre of the Balkan peninsula, South-Eastern Europe
  • Area: 83,509 km2
  • Government: Serbia is a Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
  • Capital city: Belgrade, population: 1,166,763
  • Membership of international organisations: Serbia is a member of numerous organizations such as CEFTA, the UN, PfP, OSCE, CoE, and BSEC
  • Official language: Serbian


  • Religion: The majority of the population is Orthodox Christians, while 6% are Roman Catholics and 3% are Muslims
  • Currency: Serbian dinar (RSD)
  • Climate: Moderate Continental
  • Time: Central European Time (UTC + 1), Central European Summer Time (UTC + 2)
  • Average daily temperatures in Belgrade: July 28°C, January 4°C
  • Neighbouring countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Hungary, Croatia, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria and North Macedonia
  • Highest peak: Dzeravica 2,656 m

Why Serbia?

Serbia is a fabulous country with amazing diversities from north to south. A great variety of beautiful scenery, historical and cultural monuments, fishing areas, curative spas,… give the basis for Serbia’s tourism. But what mostly distinguishes Serbia from other countries is the diversity of its people.


Up in the North you will meet “Lala”, with a big belly, dressed in white with black west, a tilted hat, and big long moustache. He is the best wine producer. “Gedza” in Central Serbia will be much handsomer and will offer you brandy, Turkish coffee and food. On the East of Serbia you will meet “Vlajne”. He will tell you about Romans, old battles, and where “Constantine The Great” was born… “Era” on the Southeast will sell you bunch of things as he is a merchant, quite successful one, but he will also teach you pottery and knitting. And in the South you will find tall and strong “highlanders“, great producers of goat and cow cheese.


This is about Serbia. Not new, not old, but amazing.


rich historical heritage
spectacular monasteries


top nightlife
very reasonable rates

12 reasons to visit!

Not many countries can offer such a wide variety of amazing possibilities like the Balkan countries can. Here below we have put together twelve reasons why you should visit Serbia. These are top things to know about this special land of cultures, but they are not the only reasons why we find Serbia so special. There are of course many many more. So drop everything and come and see it for yourself.

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  • Belgrade’s charm is simply irresistible
  • good gastronomy, a fusion of east and west, for very reasonable rates
  • rich historical heritage
  • one of the top destinations for its nightlife – it does not matter what day of the week you wish to go out, you will always find a place to have fun
  • a number of popular international festivals
  • Serbian villages are ecological oases, free from the pollution of modern civilization
  • verdant and untouched landscape
  • spectacular monasteries
  • rakija (a spirit that knocks vodka out of the ring) – everyone’s father or brother or uncle or grandpa makes their own special blend from whatever fruits are abundant in the area
  • buoyant art scene
  • it is affordable
  • Serbians are one of the most hospitable, warm and friendly people in Europe

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Did you know?

  • that the Swiss clock making industry is 600 years younger than the Serbian one
  • that the Roman emperor “Constantine the Great”, who introduced Christianity, was born in Serbia?
  • that St. Sava temple is one of the largest Orthodox temples in the world?
  • that Serbia is the largest producer of raspberries in the world?
  • that Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, is one of the Europe’s oldest cities?
  • that Serbs use both Latin and Cyrillic alphabet?
  • that Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor and engineer, was a Serbian?
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We love what we do and this is why our clients enjoy working with us!

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