Basic information

  • Population: 679,000
  • Position: Southeast Europe  
  • Area: 13,812 km2
  • Government: Montenegro is a Parliamentary republic
  • Capital city: Podgorica, population: 205,000
  • Membership of international organisations: Montenegro is a member of NATO, United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the Council of Europe, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
  • Official language: Montenegrin


  • Religion: Serbian Orthodox Christianity is the most popular religion, while islam amounts to 19% of the total population
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Climate: Mediterranean and Continental
  • Time: Central European Time (UTC + 1), Central European Summer Time (UTC + 2)
  • Average daily temperatures: in Kotor July 31°C, January 13°C, and in Podgorica July 32°C, January 9°C
  • Neighbouring countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania
  • Length of coastline: 294 km
  • Highest peak: Bobotov kuk 2,523 m

Why Montenegro?

Down in the south of the Adriatic Sea, in the heart of the Balkan Mountains, lies Montenegro, a country of wild nature and proud history. This former Yugoslavian country is perceived as the jewel of the Mediterranean, which is an entirely deserved statement. It is one of the top 10 world tourist destinations. When visiting Montenegro one is greeted by magic mountain ranges, enchanting bays, boundless sea and hospitable hosts. This land boasts with one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the Bay of Kotor, cute Mediterranean town with several hundred years of history; with Budva – the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism; with the old Montenegrin royal capital Cetinje; and with Lovcen Mountain, the guardian of local tradition, heritage and pride. Here we have 240 sunny days per year and out of that 180 are warm enough to have a relaxing or active, if prefer, swim in the sea.


Montenegro is a fascinating place.

breath-taking scenery
extremely wild
very unique
high value destination

12 reasons to visit!

Not many countries can offer such a wide variety of amazing possibilities like the Balkan countries can. Here below we have put together twelve reasons why you should visit Montenegro. These are top things to know about this great country of wild beauty, but they are not the only reasons why we find Montenegro so special. There are of course many many more. So drop everything and come and see it for yourself.

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  • extremely wild and extremely beautiful, unique in many ways
  • it is the most historic corner of Europe that you’ve never heard of
  • cute old coastal towns with narrow cobblestone streets and squares
  • it is a heaven for adventure and extreme sports, including caving, rock climbing, skiing, paragliding
  • short, but extraordinary coast
  • at 1300 meters deep, the Canyon of Tara River is the deepest canyon in Europe and second largest in the world
  • breath-taking mountain scenery
  • high value destination
  • the largest bird reserve in Europe
  • people are helpful, pleasant and very pretty/handsome
  • the country keeps its authenticity as mass tourism still hasn’t reached it
  • the nature and topography of the country are some of the most beautiful on the continent

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Did you know?

  • that Montenegro has been declared an Ecological country?
  • that the country is world’s fastest growing tourist destination?
  • that national park Biogradska gora is the home of last virgin forest in Europe?
  • that Lake Skadar is the largest lake in Europe?
  • that it is believed that Ulcinj, an authentic old town, inspired Miguel de Cervantes to write his Don Quijote?
  • that Tara River Canyon is actually the second largest canyon in the world (after the Colorado canyon in the USA) and the deepest canyon in Europe? It is not just about a humbling sight, it is also highly recommended for white water rafting…
  • that Lovcen mountain is home to the highest mausoleum in the world?
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We love what we do and this is why our clients enjoy working with us!

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