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of Europe's most popular destinations these days

Diversity that will blow you away

Each country is recognized by an unspoilt nature, countless shades of green and different varieties of landscapes, all packed into a relatively small area. Different regions offer huge contrasts in surroundings and scenery – from the stunning mountain sceneries to the beauty of the lakes and sea, from the dramatic valleys to the quaint coastal villages.

Stunningly beautiful nature, easily and quickly accessible

Travelling among different landscape, language and climate regions is surprisingly quick and simple. Small distances enable guests to experience more during their busy working schedule. For example it is possible to see the Alps, Karst, the Adriatic coast and vineyards, all in the same day. It makes the Adriatic region also ideal for meetings industry’s short getaways.

Impressive and safe capitals with rich historical heritage

One of the characteristics of the Adriatic area is extremely rich cultural heritage. A few thousand years old cities and monuments, findings from the Stone Age and impressive buildings from the Roman times are nothing uncommon. These sites prove that the Adriatic area was settled a long time ago, and they make it an inevitable cultural destination

Leading the way in Sustainable tourism

Passionately committed to sustainability, our practices have earned the Green Globe Certificate for sustainable tourism. We design travel experiences that minimize environmental impact and benefit local communities. Our CEO, Boštjan Horjak, recently appointed Chief Sustainability Officer at Liberty International Tourism Group, leads our efforts, underscoring our dedication to creating eco-friendly, ethical events.

Excellent wine and gastronomy for very rational rates

In the Adriatic you will always be in contact with the elementary, be it the smell of a forest, water or the superb tastes of regional cuisine, stunningly delicious and surprisingly diverse. In recent years oenology and gastronomy have gone through an incredible upswing, with Slovenia being a center of culinary delights, while more simple food is characterized for the South of Adriatic. Some characteristics from the area are high quality olive oil, cured ham (prosciutto), wild asparagus, wine, lots of spices, truffles, seafood and a great variety of meat.

Most friendly, warm and hospitable people in Europe

What separates Adriatic from other pristine and picturesque tourist destinations with diverse scenery is the feeling of harmony, resulting from its people, their beliefs and their values. 

Here in the Adriatic region you will find friendly and genuine hospitable people with 24h smile and a personal touch. People are always happy to talk to newcomers and curiosity often makes them easily open conversations.

Due to these same people Adriatic region is one of the safest environments anywhere in the world.

We love what we do and this is why our clients enjoy working with us!

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