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Press car launch for the Nissan X-Trail Hybrid SUV in the Alpine part of Slovenia


4WD workshop to showcase several characteristics of the car


Creation of an exclusive 4WD area right next to Ljubljana airport

Cherry on top:

Car presentation inside a transparent dome

Start Your Unforgettable Car Launch Journey with Liberty Adriatic


Press car launch of the Renault Alaskan Pickup amidst the Alpine region of Slovenia


To craft a unique environment for the car presentation


Tailor-made crafted float with full electricity supply positioned in the middle of a lake

Cherry on Top:

Implementation of a 4WD test drive polygon in the ski slope area

Take the First Step Towards a Spectacular Car Launch


Press car launch of the Dacia Sandero on the picturesque island of Hvar, Croatia


To create a car presentation in a venue with wow effect


Privatization of a small islet with literally no infrastructure, where we had to do everything from scratch

Cherry on Top:

Transfer of 900 journalists by private yachts from Split airport to island of Hvar

Crafting Memorable Car Launches


Car presentation of the New Skoda model for car dealers in the stunning setting of Dubrovnik, Croatia


To host 3,500 participants on a back-to-back basis within a two-week timeframe.


Given the size of each group, execution of simultaneous test drives for 200 people. These test drives included diverse driving routes and dynamic driving workshops.

Cherry on Top:

Set up the exhibition car in a beach club, requiring partial dismantling of the club to accommodate the car.

Experience Excellence in Car Launch Events


Press car launch of the Renault Twingo in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia


Selecting the most exclusive venue in the urban area of Ljubljana


Transformation of Ljubljana Castle into a unique presentation venue

Cherry on Top:

Utilization of the largest existing plasma TVs on the market at that time, each weighing over 300 kg

Elevating Your Car Launch to a New Level

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