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Incentive Zagreb – 5 great places in and around Zagreb for an incentive trip

Like most European capital cities, for a great incentive Zagreb boasts a wealth of places to visit, things to see and do. It’s a city of two halves, separating the old from the new. From an aerial perspective you can clearly see the divide; red roofs and church spires comprise the old town, and modern high-rise skyscrapers in the new town. Hidden among its 18th and 19th century Austro-Hungarian architecture, lies a world of adventure to discover. The thousand year old cobbled streets of the upper town will reveal the history, while the 19th century lower town whisks you back into the modern day with shops, restaurants and theatres. The city itself has everything you need, but is also a great base to explore other nearby destinations. So for your next incentive, Zagreb is the place to come.

1: Upper town

Zagreb is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and here in the upper town you’ll find most of that history as you stroll along the ancient cobbled pathways framed by red-roofed buildings and containing the largest concentration of museums in the world. All streets lead to the 18th century church of Saint Mark, with its colourful roof depicting the flags of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia on one side and Zagreb city on the other. In the evening you can watch as the streets are lit up with gas lamps, just like in the old days.

2: Lower town

In contrast to its neighbour, a team building through the lower town takes you along wide open streets, amid towering skyscrapers. This is the place to be for business, conferences and meetings. Its streets are lined with top-class hotels, restaurants and all the best shops.

Archaeology lovers will be enthralled by the Mimara Museum, art lovers will enjoy Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters, and nature lovers can take a relaxing stroll through Zrinjevac Square, part of the region of Zagreb known as the Green Horseshoe. Maksimir Park to the east of the centre also has 18 hectares of green parkland. Or you can pay a visit to the botanical gardens just a short way from Zagreb Train Station.

For an insight into the origins of Croatian culture, visit the Ethnographic Museum.

3: Medvedgrad

You don’t have to be restricted to the city for your incentive. Zagreb has some equally fantastic locations just a short drive away. The mountain of Medvednica dominates the northern horizon and makes a great daytrip from Zagreb. In summer you can hike, and in winter ski on the slopes of this beautiful mountain. You can even ski at night.

The region has been designated a nature reserve, and its most treasured attraction is the 13th century castle, Medvedgrad. This huge medieval fortress sits proudly on a hilltop on the southern slopes of the mountain.

4: Vukomeričke Gorice

Craftsmen, carpenters and architects will love the region to the southeast in the Vukomeričke Gorice hills, where you can find an interesting array of traditional wooden architecture amid the hilltop villages, beech forests and vineyards. There are a number of interesting chapels and churches built entirely from wood.

The Chapel of Saint Anthony is possibly the most interesting wooden church in the region. Its porch is held up by four wooden pillars resembling a large rake.

5: Wine roads around Sveti Ivan Zelina

Wine lovers will definitely want to tour the region around the little village of Sveti Ivan Zelina. Generations of families in this region have been making wine for centuries. Historically off limits to visitors, in recent years wine cellars have opened up and now offer wine-tasting sessions. You can tour the region by following the designated wine route, or we can arrange a more formal tasting accompanied by a dinner for your group.

Best business destination

The magazine, Business Destinations, awarded Croatia with the title Best Destination for Business Tourism 2018. We couldn’t agree more, and also believe there is no better place to start than from the capital city itself. A new airport terminal has made getting to Zagreb even easier, and also prompted a boom in hotel building to accommodate a rise in business travel to the region.

The Croatian capital is ideal for a short or even longer incentive. Zagreb offers many ways to see its attractions. You can cruise around on the old tramways, cycle the city, or even go on a themed tour or treasure hunt. Or explore the surroundings in a vintage Yugo car.


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