You will be treated with respect, competency and kindness

One aim, excellence

Knowing each corner of the Adriatic and having unparalleled mice industry knowledge we always strive to offer impressive incentives, eminent product launches, highly successful business meetings, most inspiring events and motivating congresses, all with the highest level of creativity, dedication, flexibility and professionalism. Nothing is impossible! Let us show you the Adriatic, there’s no place like it.

Why our clients choose us?

We are a reliable partner and widely recognized as one of the best destination management companies under the Adriatic sky. This is not only our job, it is our home. We know what we are selling and we are passionate about sharing our experience. Each office has the necessary knowledge to handle any of the demands, including highest and the most unique ones. Besides, sustainability is very important to us.

Event industry is a large part of our business, from very private venues with discrete board meetings to national sales conferences and product launches. Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia have much to offer and we are sure that it can also work perfectly for you. With personalized touch, knowledge, experience, top quality and professional services, many world leading organizations and corporations have trusted us to organize their events.


Wherever under the Adriatic sky you want to have an experience of a lifetime, we can make it happen. Intimately acquainted with every corner of the destination we always aspire to create a memorable incentive and fit your individual needs. Engage, inspire and reward your top performers with our unique incentives that will bond your teams and increase their loyalty.


With a vast amount of experience we are able to provide and advise all of your needs for an event, be it visual and audio ones, entertainment, décor, award ceremony, etc. We are here to ensure your event exceeds the requirements and delights your company. We will support you every step of the way and give you the service above and beyond.


Whether your meeting is intended for several hundreds of attendees or it is exclusive for selected guests, we are here to assist you every step of the way. We understand how important it is to run an effective, timely meeting and we will make it perfectly planned and structured. We work closely with venues and hotels, so you can also expect the very best rates and best value deals.


On the basis of experiences and knowledge, acquired through many years of professional work with the organization of congresses and related events, we offer valuable advice. We execute complex congresses, from the preparation of candidacies for the acquisition of the meeting to its final realization. Our clients need only to focus on the content of the meeting, while we manage the rest.

Sustainable travel

Liberty Adriatic was the first tourist agency in South-East Europe to receive Green Globe certification. We are now in the process of certification with Travelife, which emphasizes sustainability throughout the tourism industry.

We strive for fair tourism and promote awareness of the impact of our trips while respecting local values. Our Impact tourism products help co-create a better and more beautiful world.

We love what we do and this is why our clients enjoy working with us!

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