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Combining MICE Travel with Leisure Travel

A DMC (Destination Management Company) is specialised in business-orientated tourism, more specifically for MICE travel. Liberty Adriatic DMC is a highly specialized MICE Travel agency. Our staff are not only locals, but come from a business background and we know exactly what a business needs, including what leisure activities are great for your hard working employees. However, our staff are also experts on leisure travel, so there is no need to have a regular tour operator arrange the leisure side of things, we can do it all for you.


Organising meetings in your home country can be a logistical nightmare at the best of times. But try arranging one in a foreign country where the language, culture and bureaucracy are totally different. Therefore it’s much better to use a specialised MICE travel agency with staff who are more highly skilled when it comes to organising business meetings. Not only that, but we are extremely experienced when it comes to dealing with worldwide cultures. We understand cultural differences and can avoid misunderstandings when it comes to business. We can help you navigate through this minefield and will plan and execute your meetings, no matter how big or small, smoothly and efficiently.


For incentives, while this is intended to reward company employees for their hard work and dedication, and help them feel appreciated, it is also intended to help motivate and build a sense of teamwork through fun activities and tasks. A regular tour operator will not do this, but a MICE travel agency is highly skilled and knowledgeable in this area.

One example is in Dubrovnik. There is a wealth of sightseeing tours and activities available, but these are usually very general and your employees will be bundled in with other leisure tourists, which will lack the personal touch.

At Liberty Adriatic we offer much more to our tours. We challenge your staff with fun activities like the Game of Thrones Challenge, filming or a photo shoot adventure. We can arrange a fashion show on the beach, or a Galleon Battleship Competition. We can organize fun workshops such as cooking classes to learn how to cook local dishes. In the nearby Konavle Valley you can learn the ancient art of Beekeeping and environmental protection.


As with meetings, conferences present the same kind of difficulties which can more easily be overcome by using a MICE travel agency. Not only can we organise these conferences and ensure everything goes according to your plans and wishes, but we can also provide invaluable advice on how best to run a conference. A general tourist agency may be able to help with the external activities you may want to offer to your VIP guests, but this runs the risk of miscommunication between organising parties. A MICE travel agency can arrange all of this, including all the leisure tours and activities you may want to arrange around the conference, therefore ensuring that all itineraries match up. While hotels are in abundance in most countries, a MICE travel agency knows which hotels are not only the best and most convenient but will also impress your most important guests.


Exhibitions are often huge complex events and organising one can be very stressful, especially when trying to do it in another country. Liberty Adriatic DMC has years of experience. We can help you overcome all the hurdles and take away the stress.

A MICE travel agency is the best choice

While a general travel agency may be able to arrange many of the leisure activities, it’s much better to have everything organised under one umbrella by a dedicated MICE travel agency like Liberty Adriatic DMC, who is highly skilled at organising all manner of MICE, travel and leisure activities.


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