Destination management company

Destination management company, what does it mean?

When we want to travel abroad, we often rely on others to help plan our trips and our time spent in each country. Many still rely on the traditional tourist agency or tour operators to offer us a standard itinerary, or help plan a customised trip (albeit within the restraints of the options available). With the rise of the Internet many of us are now using this vast resource to plan and arrange our own trips and book activities and accommodation by ourselves. But not only is this hugely time consuming, but still restricts us to the options at our disposal. For regular travellers this may well be fine. However, a business or company not only needs precise planning, but likely also has very different needs to your average tourist. Businesses also have time restraints and need to ensure that their trip is executed with efficiency and precision. That’s where a destination management company (DMC) comes in.

A destination management company is far more than just a tourist agency, it is your local expert when it comes to organising specific activities relating to business orientated travel and tourism. We know our regions best because we are locals, and more specifically experts on business travel, incentive trips and all manner of MICE activities. Our work doesn’t stop once we’ve planned and booked the trip for you; we are there right from the moment you arrive up to the moment you leave. We are with you every step of the way. It’s like having your own personal business travel consultant on hand 24 hours a day.

Our home

At Liberty Adriatic each of our staff members were either born in the region, or moved there long ago. Either way the destination is our home, and we love our home so much we have explored every inch of it. As the leading destination management company in this region, we are your true nosy neighbour. We know everything and everyone. Who better than a local to find you exactly what you want, and at the best local price?

Expert MICE industry knowledge

Our destination management company also knows everything when it comes to the MICE industry. We have extensive knowledge garnered from years of experience. As we also know each and every corner of the Adriatic region, there is no company better placed to organise your incentive trip, product launch, meetings, conferences and anything else. Our years of experience means we are full of ideas, brimming over with creativity, and can plan and execute your needs with precision, dedication and flexibility.

We speak the local language

There’s no better negotiator than someone who fluently speaks the local language. Between all of our staff we speak 8 languages, thus ensuring an advantage not only when trying to get the best price, but also that arrangements go smoothly, problems are solved easily and there are no misunderstandings. We understand the local bureaucracy and can more easily weave you through this minefield and get things done swiftly and efficiently.

Rain doesn’t stop play

We can control many things, but we can’t control the weather. However, we can plan extensively for it. When bad weather means that an outdoor event or activity will need to be cancelled, we won’t simply just cancel it, but we’ll have a well prepared backup plan. A destination management company plans for every contingency. The advantage to having locals planning your MICE activities is that we are already at your destination and can see even one day before if the weather is going to turn bad. Not only this, but we will already have a backup plan ready to execute at short notice. We can also advise on the best time of year to hold a specific event, or what kind of event would fit the time of year you plan to visit.

The best advice

When it comes to advice, a destination management company has all the advice you will need. As we know the region you are coming to best, we are well positioned to advise on how and where to hold your event. We will listen to your needs, your ideas and offer suggestions. Be prepared for lots of questions, because we want to know your specific needs. It’s like having your own planning team in every location. Not only do we want your trip or event to be a success, we want it to excel. Your success is our success.

Incentive trips

It’s not enough to simply reward your hard working staff with a short break, an incentive trip should be a trip to remember. The advantage to using a destination management company for your incentive is that we have intimate knowledge when it comes to activities in our areas. We can plan unique trips and activities that will also help with team building skills, develop rapport and bring your staff closer together. Our trips will thrill, engage and inspire your staff, and send them home with memories and new ideas they will talk about for months afterwards. We have a number of excellent packages, or can plan a totally customised trip to fit your exact needs.

Better than an event management company.

So you see that using a destination management company rather than your traditional tourist agency, or even a local event management company, holds many advantages. The intimate knowledge of the region, the tourism industry and expert knowledge of international MICE needs means that whether you want a meeting, incentive, conference, exhibition, product launch, photo shoot, video production or any other business need, we are your perfect partner.


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