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Five Unusual Dubrovnik Tours

There is no shortage of Dubrovnik Tours, nor is there a shortage of Dubrovnik tour operators that’s for sure. But with the huge range of standard tours on offer, and of course being in a popular destination such as Dubrovnik, there is a chance that you might either think you have done it all, or be bored of the same old offers. So to alleviate that feeling, here are five Dubrovnik Tours that are certainly out of the ordinary.

1: Adventure quest for ancient artefacts

You may or may not know that Dubrovnik was originally known as the Republic of Ragusa. Founded in the 7th century by refugees fleeing the barbarians, a defensive wall was erected, which set the stage for what was to become a historic trading post to rival even the Venetians. Therefore it goes without saying that the city is steeped in history.

But rather than go on yet another standard history tour, or visiting museums, how about taking part in an adventure of your own? On our adventure quest you will experience not only the history, but also the old town in a unique and exciting way. We will make Dubrovnik Tours really unforgettable.

Participants will be divided into groups and each group will be tasked with finding an old artefact with part of a map inside. When all artefacts are found, the fully assembled map will guide you to the location of the ultimate prize.

2: Abseiling down the city walls

Circling the old town, and running along the seashore, is the famous city wall. Rising up 25 metres high and running 2kms in length, the walls protected the city from sea pirates and attacks from the mainland. They are 3 metres thick on the seaward side, and 6 metres on the inland side, helping make the city an impenetrable fortress. Our Dubrovnik Tours include seeing city walls as well.

While they are of course a magnificent sight to see for all, how about being different and a little daring? On our tour of the wall, you can be James Bond for the day and go abseiling down the section known as Pile Gate. No previous experience is necessary; our expert will guide you safely down to the ground.

3: Buggy Safari

The surroundings of Dubrovnik are much wilder than you might think, which makes Dubrovnik Tours even more exciting. The city was built on a limestone promontory jutting out into the sea. It’s a rugged mass of limestone where Mount Srdj meets the sea. Therefore while most visitors flock to the old town, many miss out on the rugged beauty surrounding Dubrovnik. Tours to this part are not your standard bus tour. The rugged terrain means that navigating can only be done with a buggy safari.

Our driver will pick you up in a four-seater safari buggy that is specially designed for this type of terrain. Sit back and enjoy the ride, as our expert driver whisks you past breathtaking views from the top of Mount Srdj, the Napoleonic fort overlooking the old town, and past old mine fields.

4: Game of Thrones challenge

It’s no secret that Dubrovnik is famed as the filming location for the hit TV series Game of Thrones. You can also be a part of the adventure, by bringing your team to take part in the Game of Thrones challenge which will make your Dubrovnik Tours even more exciting.

As Dubrovnik is the filming location for King’s Landing, the capital of Westeros, the team building tasks will be set around this. Team members will have to solve crosswords, find Daenaerys\’ Dragon Egg, and seek out the black market dealer or abseil the Game of Thrones Wall, among many others. Your group will be divided into teams of 8-9, with each team being given a list of tasks and a time in which to complete them.

5: Traditional Market and Beehive Making in the Konavle Valley

Just a 30-minute drive from Dubrovnik is the lovely Konavle Valley, a lush landscape dotted with vineyards and orchards. Here we will organise an outdoor food market where you can try some of the region’s best delicacies.

Beekeeping is an important tradition here, and you will learn just how important it is for nature and environmental conservation by making your own beehives. All the beehives you make will be donated to the local beekeepers in order for them to carry on the tradition.

And there are many more

These are just a few of the great alternative adventures that await you in Dubrovnik. Tours like this are often a much more exciting way to get a deeper insight into the city and, as you’ve seen in the last tour, our Impact tourism products help contribute something to the local way of life. Dubrovnik Tours will help you to understand that city and it\’s history, so we really suggest you to find some tours, which will be exciting and fun.


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