Car Launch Croatia

Car Launch Croatia – Drive your new car from the mountains to the sea

What better way to showcase your new car than to allow your most important clients, business partners and favourite influencers the chance to test drive your latest design across vast plains, over high inland mountains to the alluring beauty of the Adriatic Sea? Or how about filming your new car launch amid some of Croatia’s most amazing scenery? We know we would be impressed. So for the location of your new car launch, Croatia should definitely be on your list of potential spots.

Across the plains

From the capital city of Zagreb, you can drive first across the expansive landscape of the Pannonian Plains. Sprawling over an area of 26,000 sq-kms the Croatian part covers most of the north and northeast of Croatia. With stunning views as far as the eye can see, this rich fertile land is perfect for filming your new car cruising along a road to nowhere. The wide open spaces are ideal for aerial shots and wide angle views of your car cruising along major highways, or winding along narrow country roads. As your car gets further west, the views soon become dominated by the Dinarides.

Over the mountains

The coast and the great plains are bisected by the central mountain belt, a section of the Dinaric Alps which starts north in Slovenia and slices through this part of Croatia, continuing down the inland section of the coastal strip and onwards to Montenegro. Here the fertile fields and glistening vineyards of the plains soon give way to a world of limestone hills and mountains. As your guests slowly ascend, first through thick forests, they will ultimately emerge onto the more barren and open plateau framed by the glorious peaks of the Dinaric Alps; just the spot for a photo shoot! But of course, what goes up must come down, and the ride down to the Adriatic Coast is just as fabulous.

The Croatian Coast

Need we say more? With a coastline stretching an incredible 1,777 kms and with more than 1,200 islands sporadically dotting the sparkling azure water that runs along its shore, the Croatian coast is probably among the most beautiful and famous in the world. So imagine how your car would look gliding down from the mountains with this breathtaking view as a distant backdrop. And imagine an aerial shot of your new car as it navigates these stunning mountain roads towards this awe-inspiring vista.

So much choice

For a car launch, Croatia offers so much choice, especially in this part. You can follow the inland roads south with the Dinaric Alps beside you, including Croatia’s highest mountain: Dinara (1,831m). Or you can weave your way down the coast itself, through beautiful cities and small hamlets.


The route to Istria from here curls around the Kvarner Gulf with spectacular drives through famous towns such as Opatija with the outline of Krk and Losinj islands glistening in the summer haze. On the beauty of the Istria Peninsula, you can start by heading through the lovely Mirna Valley, a Tuscany-like landscape, where the walled hilltop village of Motovun will dominate your scenery and beckon you to come and drive through its ancient narrow streets.


Or head further southwards to the world-famous Dalmatia Coast and film your new car driving over rocky headlands and through the narrow stone streets of its fabulous medieval towns, such as Dubrovnik.

More than just a fabulous coast

So, although most famous for its stunning coastline, as you can see Croatia has a fabulously diverse terrain. We are experts in this region, and know all the best driving routes with all the best backgrounds. We are also well connected in all regions and can not only recommend and organise all the best hotels, and filming locations, but can take care of all the logistics involved in order to ensure all your needs are met and executed with precision. For a car launch, Croatia offers unrivalled scenery, well-preserved historic towns and the perfect weather. What more could you need?


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