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Incentive Serbia – 5 great locations for an incentive in Serbia

A beautiful coastline isn’t everything, so while Serbia may be landlocked there is a magical world hidden away inside its mountainous interior. And while it may seem that the vast majority of MICE and incentive activities gravitate towards the sprawling coastline of its closest neighbours, Serbia is actually one of the fastest growing MICE destinations. So if you are looking for a fabulous, but unexplored destination for your next incentive, Serbia should be the first place you look.

Starting in the north, the majestic sweeping plains of the Vojvodina form part of the Pannonian Basin stretching across an area of 8304 sq miles (21,506 sq kms). They slowly give way to the Fruška Gora hills before soaring up to the mountain ranges of the Dinaric Alps, Carpathian and Rhodope mountains. The core of medieval Serbia sits between these ranges, the Šumadija hills.

With so much natural beauty it’s no surprise that Serbia wants to protect this. Therefore there are 5 national parks, 5 natural parks and 2 nature reserves. The country is littered with fascinating ancient monuments, monasteries, caves, lakes, mighty rivers and more. And not to mention the friendly locals and their interesting culture.

With such a huge area to choose from we can’t list them all, but here are 5 great locations for an incentive Serbia has to offer.

1: Belgrade

The capital of Serbia, and the former capital of Yugoslavia, Belgrade (Beograd (white city)) has transformed itself over the years into one of the Balkan region’s premiere MICE destinations. It’s one of the old European cities and commands an enviable location on a mountainside with two of Europe’s greatest rivers, Sava and Danube, meeting right at its heart and overlooked by the amazing Beograd fortress and Kalemegdan Park. Belgrade’s centre is the perfect location for meetings, workshops, team building exercises, cultural tours and much more.

2: The Šumadija region

The cultural and spiritual heart of Serbia, the Šumadija region is the perfect place to experience the real Serbia. Here every stone literally has a story to tell. Roadside stones called krajputaši, point the way to famous landmarks or tell a local story. Legends are still told amid a fusion of music, dance and storytelling evenings over a warm cup of Šumadija Tea (Serbian mulled brandy). The region is packed with numerous sights to see. Explore the vineyards and monasteries or check out the Dragačevo Brass Bands Festival in Guča.

3: Risovaca Cave

While the beautiful landscape above is visible to all, there is also a world of beauty beneath the ground. Serbia has a huge number of cave systems to visit, most of them in Eastern Serbia. But here the Risovaca Cave in particular contains an intriguing underground museum with artefacts from the Palaeolithic era.

4: Bukovička banja spa and nature park

For those looking to de-stress and unwind from their gruelling work schedule and want a more relaxing incentive, Serbia is not short of thermal spas with healing mineral water from natural underground springs. One in particular is the Bukovička spa, discovered in 1811 it is one of the most popular in Serbia. The springs here range from cold (14°C) to thermal (+25°C). It’s also the source of the famous mineral water known as Knjaz Miloš.

5: Wooden Town and Railway

In the Mokra Gora Natural Park, in the lush green forests of Western Serbia, lies an ethno town made entirely out of wood. Built in the traditional style of a typical Serbia town, Mećavnik – Drvengrad is the perfect retreat within this peaceful mountain area. You can feel like you have travelled back in time. The town has everything a real town would have, a main square, cinema, church, hotels, restaurants and even a town jail. You’ll be surprised how much there is to see and do here.

A great way to see the Mokra Gora Natural Park is by taking the old wooden train known as the Sargan eight. This is the old narrow gauge railway that ran from 1925 to 1974 connecting Belgrade to Sarajevo. This stretch of the railway was recently renovated and today you can travel through the beauty of this region of Serbia in the old wooden wagons along the now famous figure of eight route.

Many more

These are just 5 of many great locations to be found in Serbia. The country is packed with diversity and we at Liberty Adriatic know it like the back of our hand. If you are looking for a more original, or adventurous incentive, Serbia is the place to come.


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