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Liberty International – Who are we?

Liberty Adriatic DMC is a proud member of the Liberty International group. Liberty International was established as a private company way back in 1991, and has remained in private hands ever since. Starting from a small group of people who were experts in business travel and, being local to where they were operating, possessed the best local knowledge when it came to business travel and leisure in their area.

Still local

Despite having grown into a worldwide business operating in over 90 different countries, Liberty International has remained true to its original vision; to offer the expert local knowledge you would expect from a DMC. How do they do this? Simple, only locals are recruited. All staff in every branch were either born there, or have lived there much of their lives. They also ensure they come from a business travel background, so they know exactly what clients need.

Liberty International offices are well connected and are able to utilise the assets and synergies that are the advantage of being a worldwide group, yet can still maintain that personal touch through a team of locals. All CEO’s are partners in their respective countries and share a common interest in building a successful business and offering a world class service.

And Liberty International is still growing. They are close to achieving their goal of more than 80 offices around the globe by 2020. A stable financial position is their greatest strength, and the number one goal of Liberty International Tourism Group is to become the world’s premiere Destination Management Company.

Worldwide destinations

As a global company it’s no surprise that pretty much every destination is covered. From the Asian Pacific to the Americas and to Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Liberty International has got a team there.

As part of this global group, Liberty Adriatic is based in Slovenia and operates over the whole of Slovenia and via its offices in various countries throughout the Balkan region. We are a flexible team and passionate about our regions. We love what we do, and are never short of enthusiasm and creative ideas to help our clients get the best out of their trip.

Giving something back

As a world leader in tourism, Liberty International feels it is their responsibility to ensure every office acts responsibly. While a completely green and responsible world of tourism may seem like an unachievable goal, together we will certainly strive to achieve it; or get as close as possible. As part of the Liberty International program, “Impact Tourism” we aim to spread awareness, promote fair trade and respect for local values. To this end part of all earnings are donated to local organisations that fight for a better environment along with cultural and natural heritage preservation.


With growth comes great responsibility. Liberty International is growing fast, and plans to ensure that this growth is not only achieved with the utmost responsibility but also sustained on a solid financial base. This will ensure the company can survive, even during economic downturns.

The goal is become the number one employer in the Destination Management Company sector, and continue to build upon an already first-class worldwide team. Through state of the art technologies and innovations, quality and customer satisfaction is ensured.

Think Global, Act Local

This is the motto of Liberty International, and we at Liberty Adriatic share this motto and are proud to be part of such a forward thinking, socially responsible group.


On Key

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