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Private Tours Croatia – Tailor-made tours to suit your individual needs

Croatia is a big country with so much to see and do. If you are the kind of person or company that likes to do things their own way, or have their own specific ideas, then joining a standard group tour is probably not for you. We at Liberty Adriatic are experts in this region and while we do offer a standard itinerary, these are usually just as a guide. All our tours are fully customisable and in many cases we even tailor-make our tours from scratch based upon our guests’ specific requirements. We know this country inside and out, and when it comes to private tours, Croatia offers an abundance of choice.

Croatia is a land of contrasts, with a coastline almost 6,000 kms long, and a chain of 1,185 islands scattered along its sparkling blue sea. Inland however, it’s a totally different scene with the beautiful Dinaric Alps bisecting the country and dividing the coast from the Pannonian plains to the east. Each region has its own unique beauty, and as the country is over 56,000 sq kms in size there is obviously a lot to choose from.

However, while there are plenty of well-known locations to choose from, there are many other great locations that are not so famous but equally fascinating. While the Croatia coast is hugely popular with tourists, there are still many hidden gems tucked away from the generic crowds. In many cases the standard tours might not include these, but this is easily rectified when choosing us to arrange one of our private tours. Croatia is packed with great locations to choose from, but here are a few examples of the lesser-known ones.

Elaphiti Islands

If you think Dubrovnik is a must-see, then the nearby Elaphiti Islands must also be on your agenda. Dwarfed by the fame of its nearest neighbour, this gorgeous archipelago is the stuff that dreams are made of. Imagine feeling like you are on a tropical island away from all the fanfare of modern life. Two of the six islands are entirely free of cars, and all you’ll find here is lush pinewood forest among a sea of white rocks that run right into the sparkling blue of the Adriatic Sea. The three main islands have a population of 450, 300 & 200 respectively, and it’s the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik.


As the Istria Peninsula is surrounding by beautiful coastline, it’s hardly surprising that visitors flock to the breathtaking views of the coast. But inland lies a fascinating walled hilltop village that will leave you equally breathless. Originally fortified by the ancient Venetians and sitting majestically atop a 270 m hill in the lovely Mirna Valley, the village can be seen from all directions. 1,052 steps lead you up to the top, while the base of the hill is covered by a thick, damp forest whose moist soil affords the perfect conditions for Istria’s famously prized black and white truffles. As you ascend the steps to the old town at the summit, you’ll find plenty of artisan shops and restaurants to take your mind away from the climb.


Near to the popular town of Split, lies the UNESCO World Heritage site of Trogir, a historic town on a tiny island connected by a bridge to the mainland. The incredible concentration of Renaissance and Romanesque structures helped earn this tiny island its rightful place on the UNESCO list. The bars and restaurants of Trogir’s seafront promenade attracts the crowds at night, which means you can roam the beautiful narrow cobbled streets of the old town under lamplight pretty much all to yourself.

And many more …

Another lesser-known attraction includes Lim Bay on the Istria Peninsula. And there are many more, too numerous to list here. So when it comes to private tours, Croatia offers an unparalleled choice of hidden destinations; and we at Liberty Adriatic know them all.


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