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New car incentive – The Balkan Peninsula, for the perfect new car incentive

The world is without doubt a beautiful place, and much of it is still relatively undiscovered. When it comes to a new car incentive, you no doubt want to avoid the places where everyone else has been. You might think that means heading deep into far flung locations that are hard to reach and logistically tricky, not to mention costly. However, at the far southern edge of Europe such a place exists: the Balkan Peninsula.

Wedged between the Adriatic and the Black Sea, the Balkan Peninsula is so big that no one can accurately define where it really ends. Liberty Adriatic knows it well though. We operate primarily in the Western Balkans; specifically in Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania and Macedonia. We know this land, from the sparkling Adriatic Sea to the soaring inland mountain ranges that separate it from the eastern plains.

The Balkan Peninsula has everything you need for a new car incentive, and moreover its location at the southern perimeter of Europe, and with both Slovenia and Croatia being part of the EU, not only makes it an easy choice, logistically, but also geographically. There is such a diverse landscape, packed with stunning mountains, verdant valleys awash with beautiful rivers and waterfalls, dotted with quaint villages and ancient ruins depicting its fascinating past. The only difficulty is in knowing which country to choose. Here are four great choices.


Slovenia’s location on the very border between the Balkan Peninsula and the rest of Europe gives it an enviable position not only logistically but also culturally. Slovenia has a long history and connection with the rest of Europe, having been under the rule of the Holy Roman Empire for 1000 years and under the Austro-Hungarian Empire for several centuries. Its connection to the Balkans was much shorter, lasting the length of the Yugoslav years. This long history has resulted in Slovenia being the perfect gateway for all business and trade between Europe and the Balkans.

For a new car incentive, Slovenia not only offers superior connections logistically, but also a diversity of landscape that is unparalleled. The easternmost extremity of the European Alps borders the north, with glorious alpine lakes and mountain views dotted with hilltop churches and castles. Thundering rivers cascade down lush mountainsides and through verdant valleys and pastures. Nearly 60% of this land is forested, and in the west and east vineyards dot the terraced hillsides and limestone plateaus.

And with the clash of Alpine and Mediterranean climates, you get all four seasons for real: snowy winters, beautiful spring flowers, hot summers and glorious autumn colours. But probably its biggest advantage lies in its size; being so small means that all this great scenery is easily accessible.

What more could you wish for a new car incentive?


Much of Slovenia’s beautiful landscape stretches southwards into its closest Balkan neighbour, Croatia. The countries are well-connected and both members of the EU, so you could easily take advantage of both for your new car incentive. Slovenia’s Dinaric Alps and karst limestone plateau stretch southwards and form a border between the Pannonian Plains to the east and the stunning Adriatic Coast in the west.

Croatia’s one advantage over its northern neighbour is its coastline with world known cities like Dubrovnik and Split. At 1,777kms in length and boasting more than 1,200 islands, driving your car down from the mountains to this breathtaking view of sparkling blue sea is the stuff that dreams are made of.


Montenegro is a land of stark contrasts, where lush green mountains almost seem as if they are falling into the sea on the sun-baked coast. Montenegro is the perfect place for your new car incentive, showcasing it in a juxtaposition of sparkling blue sea, craggy inlets and coves all backed by a mountainous interior. Imagine the view from drone footage of your new car driving from a glistening rocky coast up towards some ancient ruins atop a coastal mountain. Surrounding the amazing town of Kotor is a dramatic fjord that rivals even the great fjords of Norway. Okay, it’s not technically a fjord, but the spectacular Bay of Kotor is often referred to as Europe’s southernmost fjord with mountains rising as high as 1,700m.

And inland it just gets greener, the Lake Skadar National Park and the Tara River Canyon are just two magnificent places to drive your new car through.


The ancient Kingdom of Serbia boasts more stunning scenery for your new car incentive. After the breakup of the union between Serbia and Montenegro, Serbia became a landlocked country. While it may not have the stunning coastline that its neighbour has, it makes up for it with the beautiful Dinaric, Carpathian and Rhodope mountain ranges in the south and west that slowly descend into the gentle undulating region of the Šumadija and Fruška Gora hills. These eventually give way to the vast open land of the Vojvodina region of the larger Pannonian Plains.

From Montenegro the roads ascend first to the lovely Zlatibor Mountains. Drive your new car through this spectacular landscape, which legend says was named after its golden forests of pine.  You can also drive the nearby granite ridge of the Kopaonik Mountains, which ascend to an altitude of 2,017m. Nicknamed the Sunny Mountains because this region enjoys around 200 days of sunshine per year, it’s also tectonically active. The mountain range stretches 80kms from the southeast to the northwest. In the east the Balkan Mountains, which form the border with Bulgaria, reach an altitude of 2,100m.

Between Zlatibor and Mokra Gora lies the magnificent Tara Mountain, legendary home to the ancient Slavic God Tar. This is one of Serbia’s most beautiful regions. Film your new car driving through lush, deciduous forests and seemingly endless green pastures with this mountain as your backdrop.

So much more …

Of course this is just the tip of mountain, if you’ll excuse the pun. The Balkan Peninsula offers so much in the way of stunning landscapes and backdrops that there is an endless choice of terrains for your new car incentive. The region is also easily accessible and distances are not as vast as they may be in other parts of the world.



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