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Top 5 places for a great Slovenia Holiday


Everybody who comes on a Slovenia holiday often leaves wanting to return; for good reason too. While it may be a small country, you’ll be surprised at how it’s packed with diversity. From the easternmost edge of the European Alps it’s just a short hop to the Adriatic Sea. What lies in between however, can keep you occupied for weeks, and you’ll wish you’d booked a longer Slovenia holiday.

Here are our top five places for a great Slovenia holiday.


1: Ljubljana

A country’s capital is always the heart of the nation. Slovenia’s capital also lies in the geographical heart of the country, so it not only makes a great place to start your Slovenia holiday but also a great base. Most of the following places are within an hour’s drive from here. But don’t be too quick to leave. With its medieval castle perched atop a hill overlooking the lovely baroque buildings of the old city centre, the leafy banks of the Ljubljanica River lined with restaurants and cafes and the fascinating architecture of Slovenia’s most famous architect Joze Plecnik, there’s plenty to keep you occupied here.


2: Lake Bled

Probably the most well known tourist attraction in Slovenia, Lake Bled is often described as a fairy tale location, and while it may seem a touch cliché it’s not too far from the truth. The beautiful church of the Assumption of Mary sits upon an island in the lake, and behind it a medieval castle perched upon a cliff-top and the Karavanke Alps in the backdrop all make for an amazing view that truly is something out of a fairy tale. So it’s no surprise that people have been coming here on their Slovenia holiday since time immemorial.


3: Lake Bohinj

While it may be dwarfed by its neighbour in reputation, Lake Bohinj is in many ways far superior. It’s the largest permanent lake in Slovenia. Holiday apartments and hotels are in abundance here, but you wouldn’t think so upon visiting as everything blends nicely with the surrounding landscape. Situated in a dead-end valley, Lake Bohinj is framed by the beautiful peaks of the Julian Alps. The hinterland offers a wealth of activities for the intrepid visitor and is an ideal location for an adventurous incentive trip: hiking, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing and canyoning to name a few. Of course, in winter you can also ski on the nearby Mt Vogel.


4: Soca Valley

If you’ve ever read the book or seen the movie the Chronicles of Narnia, then you’ll have had your first glimpse into the paradise that is the Soca Valley. Scenes from the movie were filmed here. This glistening emerald green valley is truly like something out of a fantasy novel. The best way is to come over the Vrsic Pass, the highest in Slovenia. As you travel amid the grey looming peaks of the Julian Alps, the road soon spirals down into the lush, irrigated valley carved out millions of years ago by the Soca River. You’ll find yourself in a world of waterfalls, rivers, springs and gorges at almost every turn in this part of Slovenia. Holiday in the real Narnia.


5: Piran

Just a one-hour drive from Ljubljana, the mountainous north very quickly gives way to the sparkling blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. But they are so close that on a clear winter day you can see the snow-covered peaks of the Alps from the coast. Piran is one of many great little harbour towns on the coast in Slovenia. Holiday makers have been coming here for decades to admire the lovely Venetian architecture and stroll along the promenade. The view from the bell tower of the Church of Saint George atop the hill overlooking Tartini Square is something not to be missed.


Don’t stop here though

If this isn’t enough to keep you busy for an incentive trip, then there is so much more to see in Slovenia. Holiday options are in abundance. Slovenia is a land of great diversity, with a climate that changes from alpine to Mediterranean in just a short drive; meaning that while you might not be able to pack it all into one trip, you’ll certainly get to see much more than you anticipated.

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