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DMC Belgrade – 6 reasons to choose Belgrade as your next MICE destination

The White City, as it’s commonly known in English, is climbing its way to the top of the list of best congress destinations at a phenomenal rate. Throughout history this great city has been a crossroads for business, trade, travel and commerce. This has been facilitated by its convenient location; two of Europe’s greatest rivers, the Sava and Danube, flow into each other right here. So if you are considering arranging any MICE activities, it’s best to use a DMC. Belgrade offers so much that the choice can be overwhelming.

The capital city of Serbia is a vibrant place which blends fascinating history with modern state of the art facilities. The new and the old sit side by side in perfect harmony. With a population of 1.23 million, the city is conveniently located in the centre of Serbia and the heart of the Balkans, making it the perfect hub for all manner of travel, trade and commerce throughout the Balkan region.

Here are six reasons why you should choose Belgrade for your next MICE event:

1. Well connected: The Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is one of the busiest in the region, and naturally Serbia’s largest. There are direct flights from multiple countries on a daily basis, and almost 400 weekly. And since 2012 the airport has been expanding rapidly. Recently, after a six-year break, Air France has re-commenced direct flights from Paris with a total of 21 flights per week.

2. Visa free access for most: Serbia permits visa-free access to the majority of countries, including of course all EU and EEA citizens. Therefore you won’t need to worry about going through the lengthy process of getting visas for your staff.

3. Great choice of hotels: In the new town there is a huge choice of modern 5 star and boutique hotels all offering state of the art conference centres, meeting rooms and a wealth of business facilities. And new hotels are opening all the time. The 4 star Beograd Centar opened in May, and as well as 68 rooms, 20 apartments and a 300-sq m restaurant, a fitness centre and thermal spa will be finished next year. The 4 star Mona Plaza will also open this autumn, which is located in a lovely peaceful part of the city. 

4. A city like no other: While all cities have their uniqueness, globalisation is rapidly turning the streets of many capitals into rows of franchised restaurants, fast food and clothing shops. And while Belgrade sadly is not totally immune to this, it won’t overwhelm you and the vast majority of the city retains its distinctive look. In particular, the old town still sits, untouched by modern encroachment, right beside the more modern new town. You can take a walk through history, while being just a few steps away from the 21st century and all its luxuries.

5. A city packed with activities: There are enough activities in this city to keep you busy for weeks; and your DMC. Belgrade offers a huge variety of sights and attractions, above and below ground, as well as around. Check out the winery in the ancient Roman tunnels, ride on Tito’s train, party on a riverboat, taste sumptuous Serbian food while watching traditional folk dancing, or head out to the slopes of the nearby Mount Avala for some outdoor recreation.

6. Friendly locals: The Balkans is well-known for its friendly people. Most capital cities can feel very lonely; busy people living in their own cocoon worlds with no time for strangers. But Belgrade is not like that. Locals love visitors, and rather than treat you like a foreigner, they’ll do their best make you feel like one of the locals.

So why not try something different for your next meeting, conference or incentive? You could be busy here for a week, although we realise that time is of the essence. So that’s why it’s always best to use a DMC. Belgrade offers so much choice that planning something on your own can not only be overwhelming, but you may not get the best out your short time there. We can plan your needs with precision and ensure everything goes like clockwork; meaning you get 100% out of your stay in the White City.


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