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Slovenia, travel in a small country couldn’t be easier

In Slovenia, travel is not only for visitors but is also a way of life for the locals. At first glance on a map, it becomes abundantly clear that Slovenia is not the largest European country. Therefore, distances between places of interest are not that large; as the crow flies. In many cases Slovenian towns and cities are very well connected, and a large majority of people in Slovenia travel to the larger cities and towns for work, while electing to live in the beautiful countryside that sits right of their doorstep. In the case of the capital city, Ljubljana, you can live in one of the surrounding villages with spectacular views of the Alps through your window, yet hop in your car and be at work in Ljubljana in less than half an hour.

Yet despite its slightness of size, Slovenia is packed with diversity and therefore being small has its benefits. In most cases, in whichever town or city you stay the remoteness and beauty of nature is just a stone’s throw away.

But while it may seem an easy task to organize a journey in such a small country, there are so many unique hidden places you will never find on the internet. Therefore, planning the best trip means also knowing where best to stay, eat and spend the time you have. We at Liberty Adriatic DMC know Slovenia travel better than anyone, and can help you organize the best unique program that you will never be able to do yourself.

Here are a few little tips for seeing the best of Slovenia:

1. The capital city of Ljubljana lies in the geographical centre of the country, and it’s the perfect central base for many popular locations. From here the country’s three main motorways fan out north, east and west. This means that the coast is just a one-hour drive away, Lake Bled 30 minutes and Maribor in the east one hour. Perfect for those on a short trip, who don’t want the hassle of moving accommodation each time.

2. The Soca Valley may seem close on the map, but getting there involves some long windy roads. While it’s still possible to do a circular day trip from Ljubljana with plenty of time to spare, if you really want to make the best of your time in this magnificent region of Slovenia, travel is best done from a base within the valley. One of the best places to stay is the little town of Bovec, deep in the heart of the valley. From here you have easy access to the spectacular sights of the Vrsic and Mangart passes, as well as the many beautiful waterfalls, gorges and rivers that irrigate the valley. And a visit to Kanin mountaintop is a must. So if you want to spend more time in these locations, it’s definitely best to stay in the valley.

3. Kranjska Gora in the north of Slovenia is also a great location. Getting there is easy if you are based in Ljubljana (one hour) or Lake Bled (30 mins). Simply take the A2 motorway north and turn off just before the Karawanke Tunnel. From here it’s a nice 30 minute drive through stunning scenery to this beautiful alpine town. Kranjska Gora is also a great base to drive the Vršič Mountain Pass, if you don’t want to stay in Bovec. This is the highest pass in Slovenia, and relatively easy to cross over and explore the Trenta Valley and the Soča River, and even take a quick hike up to the peak of Vršič Mountain, and enjoy some great local food in the mountain hut at the start of the trail.

4. Wine routes are in abundance in both the west and east. For the Karst wine routes of the west, it’s easy to stay in Ljubljana and you can be driving through this beautiful landscape in just 30 minutes via the A1 motorway. You can also visit the famous karst caves of Postojna and the amazing Predjama Castle, built high into a crevasse on a vertical cliffside. For the eastern wine routes, they are easily accessible from both Ljubljana and Maribor, although Maribor is a little closer. Or you can stay in Slovenia’s oldest town, Ptuj.

5. The far east of Slovenia, Prekmurje, is about a 90-minute drive from Ljubljana now the A1 motorway has been extended all the way to the Hungarian border. But if you want to be closer, then it’s best to be based in Maribor.

So as you see, in Slovenia travel seems very easy. Everything is accessible in one day. This means that you have the perfect choice. For those who don’t like to move accommodation, we can easily organize trips to the best places and return you each night to your hotel in the comfort of the capital city. Or we can minimize the amount of places you stay at, by organizing your trip and accommodation to ensure you are located in the best and most convenient places for the activities and sights you have planned.


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