DMC Dubrovnik – treasures of the old Republic

DMC Dubrovnik: Spoil yourself among the rich treasures of the old Republic

With lush green hills as its backdrop, and surrounded by the sparkling azure water of the Adriatic, the little promontory on which the old city of Dubrovnik sits still manages to sparkle amid all this beauty. Packed with historic buildings, stunning Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries and palaces, most of which are adorned with the classic red roofs that are in abundance throughout this region, the city still manages to stand out among the many other fascinating places to see along Croatia’s Dalmatian coast.

Originally called the Republic of Ragusa, the city rose to prominence towards the middle ages, during which its maritime influence rivalled even the great Venetian Empire, enriching the city and its people. Despite an earthquake in 1667 and heavy shelling during the Balkan War, Dubrovnik somehow managed to preserve its old town and restore the beautiful buildings from its fascinating past. The city is encircled by a medieval wall, and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you’re a history buff, then Liberty Adriatic – DMC Dubrovnik can take you on a fascinating tour of this historic gem and easily show you everything you want to see.

Don’t worry though, while on the surface the old town sparkles like some historic gem, beneath its ancient exterior lies a modern metropolis, catering to a luxury five star tourist trade and state of the art business services. While they look old on the outside, many of the historic buildings inside have been transformed into fabulous venues for conferences, meetings and exhibitions.

The city centre itself is small enough that everything is within easy walking distance, but don’t let that have you believe that there aren’t many facilities available. There are a number of 5 star hotels, all within walking distance of the city centre, while several others are just a short drive away. So you can quickly and efficiently attend events, conferences and activities.

Dubrovnik also boasts some fabulous beach club venues. If access to the sea is important, then why not try one of the hotels with its own pier? This way you can easily join one of the many wonderful excursions that can be organised by your DMC. Dubrovnik lies close to the fabulous Elaphiti islands, and what better way to see them than by sailing out on a replica of a Carrack Galleon ship? This is a 16th century galleon used during the glory days of the old Republic of Ragusa, which was centred on Dubrovnik. The Karaka, as it’s known in Croatia, has been specially adapted to host all kinds of events, from incentive programmes, conferences, dinners and other thematic evenings.

If you are looking for other incentives then the city and surrounding terrain comprise a wealth of unique activities, many of which you’d be hard pushed to discover if visiting on your own. DMC Dubrovnik has years of experience and knowledge of this region and are perfectly positioned to not only arrange many of the most common activities, but unique experiences such as: touring the nearby Konavle Valley in a vintage Renault 4 car, or a buggy safari.

Clients looking for exclusive team building exercises can also partake in specially designed activities such as: raft building, adventurous quest for ancient artefacts in Dubrovnik old town (a great way to explore this historic city while honing and developing critical skills), or a Galleon battleship competition.

The beauty of this wonderful and famous city is unparalleled, which also makes it an ideal location for shooting adverts, photoshoot adventures and even a fashion show on the beach. You’ll be surprised what’s on offer!

Last but not least, Game of Throne fans will no doubt be aware that since season 2 Dubrovnik has been a prominent location for the filming of this popular television series. DMC Dubrovnik organises many themes, challenges and special team building exercises based upon it.

The Game of Thrones Challenge is an exercise that challenges each team to ascend to the Iron Throne and rule the Kingdom of Dubrovnik. This is a brilliant way to test time management, communication, creativity and problem-solving skills through adrenaline-packed activities and fun.

The King’s Landing Challenge is a true test of your all-round abilities, which blends educational assignments with entertaining Game of Throne related tasks. Not only is this a great way to hone your skills, but it’s also a fantastic way to visit some of the city’s most amazing locations.

For those who fancy being a movie star for one day, you can try the Game of Thrones filming activity, or go on a themed photoshoot adventure. Or just simply take the Game of Thrones tour.

So, just as treasure is often hidden out of view, Dubrovnik is much more than it seems. The city is packed with delights, attractions and hundreds of events and activities that you would never have thought possible from this little town jutting peacefully out into the Adriatic Sea. DMC Dubrovnik can not only save you time, but ensure you get the best experiences, the perfect incentives and the most out of your time here.


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