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Incentive Belgrade – 10 incentive ideas for Belgrade

Once the capital of the Kingdom of Serbia, then the capital of Yugoslavia, and today it’s rapidly becoming the MICE capital of the Balkan Peninsula. The capital city of Serbia is modernising at a phenomenal rate. If you are looking for a destination that encompasses both the old and the new, then look no further for your incentive. Belgrade is the place for you.

Situated at the confluence of two mighty rivers, the Danube and the Sava, it’s not only the meeting place for two of Europe’s mightiest rivers, but also where the old and new sit side by side. Belgrade or Beograd (white city), is split into two parts: the old historic Belgrade, and the new Belgrade with its modern business district.

The city is situated in the centre of Serbia and its dramatic location on the slopes of Mount Avala, where the Balkan Peninsula meets the Pannonian plain, is just one of its endearing features. Belgrade is a lively, sprawling metropolis, encompassing world-class hotels and gastronomy, a throbbing nightlife, and a captivating history. And that’s just the world above. Head below ground and you’ll discover a network of ancient Roman tunnels.

Getting to Belgrade couldn’t be easier these days. In recent years the city has become an ever popular destination for a business incentive. Belgrade airport, named after the Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla, is host to numerous daily flights at very reasonable prices.

In fact there is so much to offer with regards to an incentive that the best thing to do is break it down. So here are 10 of the best incentive ideas for Belgrade.

1: Yugo Tour

The Yugo was the symbolic car of the Yugoslav era, so what better way to take a tour through the history of Yugoslavia than in one? Whisking you from the rise of Tito to the demise of Milosevic, this specially designed incentive is the ideal way to experience the remnants of Belgrade’s socialist past. 3.5 hours later you’ll end at Tito’s grave, in the museum of Yugoslavian history. The daring among you can even have a go at driving the Yugo.

2: Tesla’s Mysteries

This incentive will challenge the scientist in you. Based on the work of the Serbian-American inventor, Nikola Tesla, participants will form groups and work together to solve complex mysteries based on the famous scientist’s life. The riddles will take you all across Belgrade in search of clues. The winner will be revealed over dinner that evening.

3: Museum of Nikola Tesla

Did you know that the wireless technology we now take for granted is based on Tesla’s ideas? This and much more is revealed in the fascinating world of the Nikola Tesla Museum. Many of his discoveries are still hidden in the documents archived in this museum. See if you can unlock any of them.

4: Belgrade underground

The history is not all above ground. There is a whole world beneath the surface to explore. There are six underground sites to visit, and we will take you through them all, from a 2nd century Roman hall to a Cold War bunker. And what better way to end the incentive but in an 18th century cave comprising three interconnected wine cellars?

5: Belgrade River Cruise

As Belgrade sits on the confluence of two of Europe’s mightiest rivers, Danube and Sava, seeing the city from this perspective is a must. Our 2-hour cruise covers a massive 20kms of riverside views in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

6: Wine tasting at the Wine Cellar Panajotovic

Connoisseurs, or simply lovers, of fine wines will absolutely love this gastronomic incentive. Belgrade has a surprising number of wineries, and this family-owned wine cellar is one of the best. Wine production here dates back to 1927, when their ancestor founded the first family cellar. This tour also includes a walk through the history of winemaking via the Roman tunnels.

7: Old-timer Transfer

This is a short transfer in old fashioned style from your hotel to the Royal Palace in a vintage motor, such as a classic Rolls Royce or Bentley.

8: Tito’s Blue Train

Give your employees or clients a unique memory by hosting an event on Tito’s exclusive train. The Blue Train was specially designed and built for the Yugoslav President Tito, and fitted out with all manner of luxuries exclusively for hosting statesmen from around the world. Today you too can do the same. With this train we can arrange any MICE event, from meetings, promotions to exhibitions and presentations, or just working and leisure trips.

9: Belgrade Segway Tour

For an effortless way to glide around the city and its best sights, why not book one of our segway tours? Easily cruise your way through Belgrade’s verdant parks and riverbanks, to many of the city’s most famous historical and cultural monuments such as Kalemegdan Fort and Nebojsa Tower.

10: Belgrade Nightlife

After dusk head out and experience Belgrade’s world famous nightlife, with over 1,000 bars and clubs to choose from. But don’t head to the clubs too early, as Serbs don’t go before midnight. It’s best to start the evening in the one of the many bars or restaurants. At the stroke of midnight try out one of the many floating river barge clubs called Splavovi. You’ll find plenty of them along the riverbanks of the Danube and Sava.

Plenty more to choose from

So these are just ten great ideas for your incentive. Belgrade is 7,000 years old and packed with historical and cultural monuments left behind by almost every ancient race that has inhabited it at one time. Today people from different cultures still come from all corners of the globe, though not as invaders but visitors. So for a worldly incentive, Belgrade is the modern place to be.


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