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Slovenia tours – Slovenia is green, in more ways than one

In 2016 Slovenia was bestowed the title of “A Green Destination”, by the Green Destinations Organisation in the Netherlands. Also in 2016, Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana was awarded the title of “European Green Capital 2016”. In recent years Slovenia’s reputation as a green and eco-friendly country has been rapidly growing. But while its status as a green country in terms of environmental and sustainability is recent, Slovenia has always been a green country in real terms. Almost 60% of the country is forested, and much of the country is covered with lush green meadows, grassy plains, plateaus, hills and valleys. So it comes as no surprise that our Green Charms of Slovenia tours are one of most popular among Slovenia tours.

If you are searching for everything you ever loved about the world’s landscapes in one small place, you will find it on one of our Slovenia tours. Topographically, Slovenia lies at the intersection of the four major European landmasses: the Karst Dinaric Alps in the south meet the European Alps in the north, and the Pannonian and Danubian Plains occupy the east. The alpine and karst mountains taper off to meet the beautiful Adriatic Sea. All this naturally creates a dramatic clash of landscapes and climates. Coupled with the fact that it all comes together in one small country it is surprisingly easy to navigate, despite its rugged topography; meaning that when it comes to visiting Slovenia, tours of this beautiful country can be equally diverse.

Green Charms of Slovenia – tours of diversity

Naturally this clash of climates brings its fair share of rain, and that’s why there is a lot of green landscape in Slovenia. Tours around this country will not fail to show you this. While we have many different tours, Liberty Adriatic’s Green Charms of Slovenia tours will not only whisk you through all of the country’s greatest and greenest sights, but will show you the direct source of its lushness.

You could be forgiven for thinking that all this means Slovenia is a rainy country overall, but this is not strictly true. Much of the north and west comprises of mountainous peaks and valleys. Mountain storms and rain bring water down into the valleys in torrents via thundering rivers and waterfalls, culminating in stunning alpine lakes both in the mountains and at the foot of the mountains. Mist rolling off these lakes, waterfalls and rivers spread out and irrigate the surrounding meadows, pastures and forests. Spring and autumn see the most rain, but there are still long periods of sunny weather. Summers are dryer with occasional scattered storms which pass by quickly. Top Slovenia Tours are organised throughout the year.

Triglav National Park

The term fairy tale location often sounds a little far-fetched. But when it comes to Lake Bled, there is simply no other word that best describes it. Visit on a misty spring morning and watch as the church of the assumption of Mary that sits on a small island in the middle of the lake, gradually and magically starts to reveal itself through the dawn mist. Marvel as the sun rises and illuminates that mist as it slowly burns away to expose the rest of this beautiful glacial lake. In fact, legend says that this island was originally the abode of the fairy queen Živa, and it was she and her fairy troupe that called forth the waters from the surrounding mountains to flood the valley and create the lake. Top Slovenia Tours always include Bled locations.

Our Green Charms of Slovenia Tours then take you onward into the heart of the Bohinj valley, a dead-end valley at the end of which lies the even larger Lake Bohinj, a majestic body of water framed by the alluring peaks of the Julian Alps, including Slovenia’s highest peak: Triglav. Here you will find a great example of how this land was formed. At the far end of the valley is Savica Waterfall, where waters fed from the mountaintop lakes run down inside the mountains through subterranean tunnels, break out of the mountainside and cascade 78 metres down the mountain and into the valley. The water then trickles along in the form of the Sava Bohinjka River which then pours out to form the mighty Lake Bohinj.

As well as visiting the waterfall, you can also marvel at all this amazing scenery from the nearby Vogel Mountain by way of a cable car.

Over the mountain pass

From here our Slovenia tours take you over the Vršič Pass and follow more of the water as it flows down in the form of the Soča River, where it has created the beautiful green Soča Valley, ultimately flowing onwards and out into the Adriatic Sea. Even the Soča River is a beautiful emerald green colour.

Preserving the green

As Slovenia is naturally a green destination, it’s unsurprising that we want to preserve it all and are also very keen to show it off. That’s why we created the Green Charms of Slovenia Tours.


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